Brand in Color

Bringing brightness and life into even the most mundane aspects of business – like, say, your packing, shipping, and delivery boxes! Minimums start just 25 units!

Brand in Color

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About Felicity Fromholz

Felicity Fromholz is a sociologist, educator, mom, and self-proclaimed beauty addict. A founding member of one of today’s most successful beauty subscription boxes and creator of another up-and-coming new luxury lifestyle box, Felicity is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow their subscription business and a STICKLER for fabulous customer service. Find her in the Subscription School FB group or follow along in the shenanigans on her Instagram at @subscriptionsiren or @subboxbabe on Twitter.

6 Responses

  1. Ryan

    The box and color quality is top notch. The ink is water-based so it can rub off sometimes which is why the star subtraction. I’ve never dealt with their customer service so I wouldn’t know if it’s good or not.

  2. Olbert

    They do use a waterbased ink so it is not as vibrant as some. They have been excellent. They even contacted me for a larger image when the other one looked a little fuzzy when enlarged. They ensured everything was good. Would like a little more info on the confirmation and shipping emails though.

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