Quick custom packaging solution (digital print) for subscription box startups.

Quick custom packaging solution (digital print) for subscription box startups.

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About Jesse Richardson

Jesse Richardson is an author, educator and co-founder of several successful subscription businesses. He focuses on building engaging communities and has been described as "insanely customer centric." Find him in the Subscription School group or at his blog.

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  1. Reid

    The boxes look amazing. They’re sturdy, crisply printed and look extremely professional.

    Regarding customer service: I realized once right after I ordered that they wouldn’t arrive in time for me to meet my deadlines, so I emailed support, requesting expedited shipping. They handled it very well — even going to far as having to make their own judgment call about whether to upgrade me to Saturday delivery, when they realized that regularly expedited shipping wouldn’t reach me in time. I didn’t love the extra charge, but I appreciate that they used good judgment in making sure I was able to meet my own commitment. I also encountered a bug with a promo code during checkout once. Before I finished writing an email to their support, one of their devs reached out to me, indicating that they’d been alerted to the error and would let me know as soon as they deployed a fix. It took them about 10 minutes.

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