Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents for Subscription Businesses

Intellectual property can be one of your business’ greatest assets. In this 60 minute webinar, we sit down with trademark attorney Suzan Hixon to learn the basics.

Intellectual property is something we probably know is important, but may not know how to formalize. In this 60 minute webinar, we’ll sit down with trademark attorney Suzan Hixon to walkthrough the basics of intellectual property and how to ensure you’re protecting your ideas.

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Unfortunately, the first few minutes of our webinar were  cut off. The webinar begins on the first slide of the actual subject matter, covering potential patent situations for subscription boxes. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

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Jesse Richardson is an author, educator and co-founder of several successful subscription businesses. He focuses on building engaging communities and has been described as "insanely customer centric." Find him in the Subscription School group or at his blog.

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