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How to Start A Subscription Box While Having a Full Time Job

If your dream is to leave a full-time job and become a subscription box entrepreneur, this blog post is for you! Not only will it give you the motivation to pursue your passion, but also provide you with a practical approach to starting a subscription box while having a full-time job. So you’ve got this […]

Designing your Box: Creating a Moment with Color

When a customer opens the door and picks up your shipment, will they see a package featuring a bold, custom, one-of-a-kind color design? If so, you’ve created more than a purchase, you’ve created a moment – a connection has been created – an emotion has been stirred. And it’s all because you put as much thought into your package as you did your product.

Cratejoy White Paper: Shipping Communication – Sellers who communicate shipping details make, on average, $70 per subscriber!

Subscribers who are informed early and consistently about when to expect their first shipment are much happier AND are worth $70 more on average.

Setting subscriber expectations as to when they are going to receive their shipment is of the utmost importance. There is a clear correlation between positive subscriber experience and their understanding of your shipping practices.