Cratejoy White Paper: Shipping Communication – Sellers who communicate shipping details make, on average, $70 per subscriber!

Subscribers who are informed early and consistently about when to expect their first shipment are much happier AND are worth $70 more on average.

Setting subscriber expectations as to when they are going to receive their shipment is of the utmost importance. There is a clear correlation between positive subscriber experience and their understanding of your shipping practices.

Interested in learning more about how communicating shipping information with your subscribers can increase their LTV? Click the buttons below!

If you would like to make these changes and need a short tutorial, please take a look at the support document we created.


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Felicity Fromholz is a sociologist, educator, mom, and self-proclaimed beauty addict. A founding member of one of today’s most successful beauty subscription boxes and creator of another up-and-coming new luxury lifestyle box, Felicity is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow their subscription business and a STICKLER for fabulous customer service. Find her in the Subscription School FB group or follow along in the shenanigans on her Instagram at @subscriptionsiren or @subboxbabe on Twitter.

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  1. Kolton

    When shipping a subscription box (let’s say for July 2017), do you ship the box at the beginning of the month? Middle? End? That part confuses me.

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