Designers and developers with extensive experience with Cratejoy and Subscription Commerce. Design: Branding / UI / UX / Web Design and Social media Customization Development: HTML/bootstrap , Cratejoy Theme development, WordPress Custom PHP


Designers and developers with extensive experience with Cratejoy and Subscription Commerce.

Design: Branding / UI / UX / Web Design and Social media Customization

Development: HTML/bootstrap , Cratejoy Theme development, WordPress Custom PHP

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About Jesse Richardson

Jesse Richardson is an author, educator and co-founder of several successful subscription businesses. He focuses on building engaging communities and has been described as "insanely customer centric." Find him in the Subscription School group or at his blog.

15 Responses

  1. Emily Hawkins

    Obviously the hourly rate is the best! But, Jaison and his team are also equally a blessing to work with. He was easy to get ahold of and share information with. Everyone that has seen our site is impressed with his work. The website looks both professional and inviting, just the way we wanted to portray our organization. Jaison, worked efficiently and responded patiently to all the changes and features I requested. I am completely satisfied with the value and the great looking finished product! Great Work!

  2. John Ireland

    Extremely receptive, understanding of your vision and communicates in a very timely manner. We were so pleased to have Octopix do our web site (Jaison) because it came out way better than we had ever hoped or expected…or even envisioned it would!! You must use them for a professional and clean look that will be integrated into Cratejoy. Check out our site if you don’t believe us: http://www.supergainspack.com

  3. Sebastian Saltin

    I would recommend Jaison to anyone looking to customize their CrateJoy website for a more professional look and more advanced website overall. Very nice to work with and very experienced, which often came to show when he shipped in and gave us ideas for the website which would turn out to be even better than before. As I said, you should consider Jaison if you are looking to take up your business/website to the next step.

  4. Nicole

    Jaison is awesome. He get’s the job done in a reasonable amount of time and does not waste time or your money. He is a very hard worker and we have had nothing but a positive experience working with him. Being that he has worked with so many Cratejoy users, he knows the platform well and you will not be paying another designer/developer to go in and learn the platform on your dime. Plus Jaison does an amazing job and we are happy to have found him!

  5. John Merkley

    Jaison is an exceptional developer who helped me build an advanced Cratejoy site. Great communication, delivered on time and on budget. Highly recommended.

  6. Lin Reynolds & Colleen Hoover

    We have used Jaison for multiple websites in the last few months and he is extremely efficient and always goes above and beyond what we ask of him. We have recommended him to several family & friends. Excellent work!

  7. Jonathan Daurio

    Jaison and his team are A+ developers and experts with many platforms. We used his expertise within Cratejoy. He did a fantastic job, and got our site up and running quickly with the ideas and design we gave him. Highly recommend working with Jaison, he was easy to work with, and produced high quality work. We even come back for other projects we need his help with! Give Jaison a chance to impress you too! 🙂

  8. Matthew Horvath

    I worked with Jaison Cherian from this company. Having him work on the site was headache-free. He is very professional and skillful in design.
    When I asked him to experiment with certain design aspects of the website he did more than what he was asked of and the work was quality.
    Would definitely recommend him to others.

  9. Happy Rebel Box

    I first started with a developer who was taking his sweet time struggling for months designing my site without delivering any results. Then I finally found John from Octopix, and the experience was amazing. At first I was hesitant to work with someone overseas and was worried about communication issues, but everything went very smoothly. It helped that I already knew exactly what I was looking for – I was VERY explicit in my directions, sending screenshots with markups, and he delivered exactly what I asked for. We worked back and forth a few times to get everything just perfect. I am incredibly detail oriented (in fact I warned him of that up front before we started) and every time I gave feedback, he made all changes as requested until I was satisfied. He is incredibly knowledgeable about everything Cratejoy, and made recommendations along the way that I had not even thought of. He worked diligently and efficiently. He got my site done in weeks for a fraction of the cost of the other quotes I received. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

    Here is my site – http://www.happyrebelbox.com

    Here is his account I hired him on through Upwork – https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~~9ecae05638031bd3

  10. Justine McGonagle

    Used Octopix for building a Cratejoy shop and they made sure to cover every detail very quickly. In fact they were faster than I could even review their work. We worked together on the feel of the website and came out with a beautiful finished product. I will continue to work with Octopix as time continues and as I grow further and need any updates or changes. I recommend working with them as they quick, efficient, and experienced; which is crucial to a business owner.

  11. shanna haydel

    Jaison is the best. He took his time and listened to everything I wanted. I have recommended him to at least 2 people today and will continue to recommend him.

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