Strategies for Product Sourcing for Subscription Boxes

Learn about product sourcing for subscription businesses and hear from real business owners in a live Q+A.

Jesse Richardson and Jameson Morris cover some of their favorite techniques for product sourcing for subscription boxes, no matter the niche. Learn about what product sourcing is, how to contact vendors and negotiate, and get access to their own tools and resources. Includes Q+A session and downloadable PDF guide.

Resources for Strategies for Product Sourcing for Subscription Boxes


Brand Invitation:


Procurement Cost Worksheet:

About Jesse Richardson

Jesse Richardson is an author, educator and co-founder of several successful subscription businesses. He focuses on building engaging communities and has been described as "insanely customer centric." Find him in the Subscription School group or at his blog.

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  1. Ryan

    Hi Jesse, Amazing webinar – thank you so much!
    I have my excel/spreadsheet, researcheded potential brand partners, and filled out as much of your form as possible – Homework done 🙂

    I have found an niche eCommerce store selling just the kind of products I would want to have in my box (actually almost all of them) – do you have any advice on how to approach them and not have them think “hey .. we can do it ourselves” …?!


  2. ting jiang

    This has been so helpful! Can you please shed some light on how you got your custom subscription box for 87 cents, and which company use? That’s an amazing price because everywhere that I’m asking is going for almost $2.

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